Briquettes Into Bridges

Second Report & Video

May 1, 2010

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A lot has happened over the past several weeks getting this project off the ground but “Briquettes Into Bridges” is now officially in motion.

The selection process for the first six trainees has been completed but not without a number of challenges, namely, figuring out how to choose six people out of the thousands in the camp all desperately in need of work. Although this project is designed to exponentially bring more jobs to the others at the camp, it is difficult for people at such a desperate level of existence to not see this as the last life boat. One they all want to get on.

Working with displaced people during a time of war brings about other challenges as well. After thirty years of non-stop war, just about the entire Afghan population is suffering from traumatic stress disorder. This is similiar to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which we often hear about, except in this case there is no “post” as the nightmare of war still continues on a daily basis. Forming trusting relationships with anyone (let alone foreigners) is difficult at best, and the ability to think in the long term is an abstract concept to people who have no idea if they will even be alive tomorrow. But the good news is that we have taken the first step, and the first step is often the one that counts the most.

Life is about to change for these first six brave young men. Watch and you’ll see.

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