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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about A Soldier’s March for Peace, a unique, interactive, youth-supported fundraiser walk This nonpolitical project is intended, foremost, to give kids a way to help other kids who have been traumatized by war, and by doing so to help build long-term peace.

The people of the U.S. need and want ways to support children affected by war. They also want a concrete way to support our troops. What better way to do both, than to keep the children of these war-torn countries out of the hands of insurgents and prevent their use of these children as tools of war?

War Kids Relief and our fundraising event, A Soldier’s March for Peace, are not about politics. We are not left-leaning or right-leaning. We want to help kids traumatized by war, including American kids affected by their family members’ military service, and we want to show youth that they have the power to build peace in the world through their involvement and leadership. We carry out our mission by creating and overseeing well-researched programs in partnership with carefully selected nongovernmental organizations in the countries affected. We invite your support.

ASM4P will raise funds for initiatives that interrupt the cycle of vulnerability that leads kids into lives of insurgency as a matter of survival. When children in Iraq and other countries devastated by war and radicalism receive support that enables them to imagine a normal life for themselves and gives them the skills to pursue that life, then:

  • Children’s lives are saved and turned to productive paths
  • We support our troops by reducing the supply of new insurgents
  • Young people make connections to their peers in other countries, forging relationships that make future wars less likely.

Because War Kids Relief and ASM4P are about educating children worldwide to help them become future leaders, every week along the 1,000-mile walk route Gunnar meets with hundreds of kids in organized youth groups, like YMCA camps. Every day, he shares the WKR mission to encourage youth leadership, develop compassion, and help kids connect with their peers in Iraq and Afghanistan through letters of friendship.

Please click here to learn more about this outreach program and see where we’ve been!

Support your kids as they get involved with A Soldier’s March for Peace, and make your own donation.

  • Make a donation yourself! (Sponsorship suggestions and our online donation button appear below.) Consider a group donation: family sponsorships, church/religious groups, book clubs, sports teams, etc.
  • Let others know about A Soldier’s March for Peace. Forward the link to our video and to this website. Join us on Facebook and share our page with your friends. We are a couple of weeks into this historic event, and now is when we need your help to spread the word.
  • Talk to your kids about ASM4P. This is a unique teaching opportunity for helping instill leadership qualities and a service ethic in your kids. YOU are an important extension of the conversations we are having with children all over the nation about helping less fortunate children, setting and achieving goals, and being part of something larger than themselves.
  • Help your kids design a fund-raising project, if they want help.
  • Help them deliver the funds raised by making the online donation (below), or by writing a check to cover the funds raised.

Please sponsor Gunnar for every hot and weary mile he walks this summer to help children affected by war. Choose your donation amount; giving levels are suggested below, but donations in any amount are most welcome. If you like, think of something you could give up to support a donation at a certain level – and then please tell us in the memo line of the donation form what you decided to give up to help make a difference in the lives of children traumatized by war.

  • 1 cent/mile ($10)
  • 2 cents/mile (20)
  • 5 cents/mile ($50)
  • 10 cents/mile ($100)
  • 25 cents/mile ($250)


Send donations one of the following ways:

  • Our online payment service:
    We use PayPal for our online donation service. After clicking on the Donate button below, you can either log-in with PayPal if you have an account or want to open one with them, or if you just want to make a credit card donation without having a PayPal account you can do that instead. Enter your donation amount at the top of the donation page, then either log-in to PayPal or look for the link on the left side of the page for continuing your donation using your credit card.

  • Send check or money order to:
    War Kids Relief/ASM4P
    P.O. Box 141
    Dennison, MN 55018

Thank you ! A Soldier’s March for Peace is a project of War Kids Relief, which itself is a program of Children’s Culture Connection, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your financial contribution is tax-deductible. Your donation receipt using the online service will refer to Children’s Culture Connection.

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